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3 Rs Maroc Workshop in Martil, August 2007. Tente de Souk pour 3 Rs Maroc NL
Seamus Farrell à Rotterdam le 28 juin 2008
“3 Rs Morocco, NL (Partition III)”

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Seamus Farrell | 3R’s Maroc 21

Curators: Lucia Babina and Abdellah Karroum
Place: Market places in the Netherlands

June-July 2008
The project “3 Rs Maroc” continues in the Netherlands, with an idea developed by the artist, together with workers and the curators, which will link the two contexts of production (Morocco and the Netherlands). Curator and researcher Lucia Babina will join the project in Rotterdam.
Notes on “3 Rs Morocco, NL (Partition III)” Netherlands

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Seamus Farrell à Rotterdam le 28 juin 2008


In the middle of Afrikaandermarkt in Rotterdam, on Saturday 28 June 2008, a Moroccan tent will be the shelter and the stage for the project 3R’s Maroc 21 (re-duce, re-use, recycle) - initiated by the artist Seamus Farrell and curated by Abdellah Karroum and Lucia Babina -, whose first part, in a form of a workshop, was realized in Martil (Morocco) in August 2007. The project is part of Multipistes (www.multipistes.org), a cooperative art-project involving international curators and artists.

The workshop involved young people from Morocco and from the rest of Africa in order to reinvent an entrepreneurial and environmental craftsmanship based on reusing and recycling glass material and to produce daily-life, design and artistic objects.

Short story

Abdellah Karroum asked me to co-curate the phase of 3R’s Maroc 21 taking place in Rotterdam, therefore he invited me to go to Morocco where I visited the workshop space and was introduced by him to some of the participants. They are eager students of the school of art of Tetouan and some of the most important Moroccan artists, such as: Faouzi Laatiris, Younès Rahmoun, Batoul Shimi. They described their experience of last year, with Seamus, as a triggering chance to establish enduring relationships amongst the group and an opportunity to exchange ideas and sharing knowledge. They see in the workshop a potential to reflect on the role of art as a trigger of development and to create more platforms for communication within and without the workshop itself.

I left Morocco with a typical tent and the idea to camp the workshop in Afrikaandermarkt, that is the most important market in the South of Rotterdam. 30.000 people visit it every week to go shopping and especially Saturdays. Afrikaandermarkt is situated in a multicultural city area particularly populated by residents of Moroccan, Turkish, Surinam and Antillian descent.


The tent will be illegally pitch in the park, next to the Afrikaandermarkt, on the grass. We are going to recreate the workshop dynamic, together with one of the participant, Mohssin Harraki. The aim is to engage with the visitors of the market, to explain the intentions of the project, to make it organically grow by creating a link between The Netherlands and Morocco.

To be continued…

Lucia Babina