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Younès Rahmoun | Al-Âna/Hunâ

curator: Eline van der Vlist

October 2008 (Amsterdam)
Constructing the Ghorfa in Amsterdam

In October 2008, Younès Rahmoun spent almost a month in Amsterdam to oversee the construction of the Ghorfa.

As someone who lives in the north of Morocco, the artist was inspired for his creation in the Netherlands by the Moroccans living in Europe who travel back to Morocco in the summer, cars loaded with good. It is this concept of mobility, of migration, but also consumerism that lead Younès to make his Amsterdam Ghorfa (2008) a caravan-like construction on wheels. Highlighting the Dutch primary mode of transport and dealing with the artist’s ongoing environmental concerns, the mobile Ghorfa is not motorized but can be pulled by a bicycle. Painted brown on the outside and green on the inside, the space itself remains a place of quiet reflection, meditation and thought.